Got a secret, Can you keep it? Swear this one you'll save.


aw :( its so sad to see mona leaving early to go to college but i know she’ll have a really great time at Yale.

Spoby PSA, don’t text/talk and drive


This Halloween special is a fan appreciation episode correct? If so, the actress who plays Maya is shown in the footage as talking about the fans and the cast, I don’t believe she is shown as Maya. She is shown as herself.


two can keep a secret if the whole god damn town is dead

So I’m 153% sure Maya killed Mona… 


"Someone from Emily’s past will make ‘an unexpected and bold move’"


Maya came back. We just didn’t see her face on screen.

She was wearing a wig and murdered Mona.


It’s a far fetched theory but then again this is pll, So bare with me.

In Spencer’s flashback we see her hitting someone with blonde hair and the same attire as Ali, Spencer chases her and hits her in the head with the shovel.

In Emily’s flashback we see Emily with the shovel, In Alison’s backyard. Alison falls back into the gazebo pit and Emily hits her with the shovel.

In Melissa’s version, She sees Spencer walk away with the shovel after talking to Alison and (presumably) pushes Bethany young, who was hit over the head - Into the dug up pretty much grave - alive.

In Alison’s version, She is walking home and sees her mom then gets hit over the head with a rock and buried alive by her mom.

Also note* Cece was seen by Jason wearing a similar top (Still not sure if this was a hallucination or not.

We found out in tonights episode that Mrs. D, Low and behold was having an affair with Bethany Young’s father.


Options 1.) Bethany young’s father is also Cece Drakes father, They are sisters.

Option 2) Bethany and Alison killed (Attempted/did) eachother that night. Alison went after Bethany with a shovel and Bethany picked up a rock and hit Alison, They fought because of the affair.

Option 3) It wasn’t actually Mrs. Dilaurentis, It was Marion Cavanaugh having an affair.

Option 4) It was Ezra’s dad that Mrs. D was having the affair with, Bethany and Ezra are siblings.

If you have anythingto add, Message me. I will be making seperate theories on all of these and more!